Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2011-2016

1. According to the Financial Agreement signed between Government of RM and European Commission at 06.03.2012, 4 Technical Assistance Projects (TAP) will be set up to support the efficient implementation of the Strategy (total amount provided for the implementation of projects is 10 mln Euro per total). In the document will be found the information at witch actions will be provided assistance by experts from each EU TAPs. Therefore, implementing institutions need additional assistance as Projects could be started in the second half of the year so far the actions should be started or implemented already. Please take into consideration that the resources for EU TAP are limited, so, additional assistance for actions will be very valuable for institutions. Still those actions should be coordinated with TAPs in order to avoid overlapping.
- 1rts EU TAP “Support to the Coordination of Justice Reform in Moldova” - started in May 2013, activity being focused on the support the realization of Pillar 7 activities. Beneficiaries: Ministry of Justice, Working Groups for monitoring and coordination the Strategy (2.3 mln euro)
- 2nd EU TAP “Support the pre-trail investigation, prosecution and defence set-up in Moldova” - will start in 2014. Beneficiaries: General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Interior, General Police Inspectorate, Custom Service, NAC (2.5 mln euro).
- 3rd EU TAP ”Increase efficiency, accountability and transparency of courts in Moldova” - will start in 2014. Beneficiaries: Supreme Council of Magistrates, Supreme Court of Justice, Department for Judicial Administration, National Institute of Justice (2.7 mln euro)
- 4th EU TAP “Support to the Enforcement, Probation and Rehabilitation Systems in Moldova” – will start in 2014. Beneficiaries: Probation Service, Department for Penitentiary Institutions, Bailiffs’ Union (1.79 mln euro).

2. The column “Public Budget provided by MTBF 2014-2016” provides information on the budget used from the Budgetary Support granted by EU to support Strategy implementation (the amount of total support is 60 mln Euro, the first instalement / 15 mln / was done by November 2013).

3. White and Case, one of the partners mentioned in to the document is a truly global law firm supporting for pro bono activities. The firm believes that lawyers have a duty to devote time to serve society in positive ways http://srreview2012.whitecase.com/probono.htm